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Downtime & New domain


The server has recently been moved which has caused 2 weeks downtime for all services (including POP3/IMAP/SMTP). Currently (2022-03-03) mail and http services are running, but other services like I2P and Tor are still down. The downtime can be seen on uptimerobot.com.

New domain

I've used the domain z5.lt for around half a year, and it has been nice. The domain is only two letters which is extremely rare or expensive, but it ends with .lt (AKA it's Lithuanian). This mildly bothers me, and a neutral or more accurate domain would be nicer. I've luckily found a good replacement for z5.lt, 0chaos.eu which only costs around 11 EUR per year.

I will still continue to own z5.lt, but all services will slowly be moved to 0chaos.eu. The mail server will reply to new mails with a notice of movement. The mails will for the time being still be accessible through the POP3 and IMAP interfaces.

The future

I am 99% sure that 0chaos.eu is the future for this website, and will last many years of use. z5.lt and 190405.xyz may in the near future go down permanently.

Thanks for reading.