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z5.lt now available over I2P and Tor

UPDATE - 2022-09-09 All the URLs don’t work, and I have therefore removed them. I no longer own z5.lt, so it’s completely irrelevant.

I’m happy to announce that z5.lt is now available over I2P and Tor.

I2P: http://efqxijqv27ytlutp2bhbzl5gdpohufmdgirljzjhzy4i5h33gu4a.b32.i2p/

Tor: https://7qwkmne5gi7vj43nxvmjjqmudkrpjryajbf6ubcn7ux6zfguamm3ytid.onion/

Currently only z5.lt is available, and git.z5.lt can therefore not be accessed on I2P or tor. This might change in the near future.